Welcome to M&MS FARMS.

M&MS FARMS is dedicated to leaving a legacy through what we accomplish with people, with the four legged creatures we house here, and with those horses, donkeys (and dogs) we coach others to rehabilitate and train. We’re committed to doing the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons. We make a difference!

Our mission is fourfold:

  • Have fun with horses and donkeys
  • Use horses and donkeys to meet human needs
  • Learn more, everyday, about horses and donkeys
  • Train horses and donkeys with kindness and compassion.

Join us!

Horses and donkeys are great attractions at all kinds of special events. We provide that service both here at M&MS FARMS and at our clients’ location. We pride ourselves on helping our clients plan and carry out their events exactly as they wish.

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M&MS FARMS offers people innovative ways of coping with the pressures of daily life. We work with many different professional therapists, counselors, and groups to provide service horses and donkeys that offer a host of benefits and opportunities for growth.

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We offer lessons on basic horsemanship, riding, and driving for the beginner to the advanced student. Our specialty at M&MS FARMS is private lessons. We also have semi-private lessons, geared for youngsters and families who want to get involved with horses and donkeys.

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We are available to evaluate, consult, resolve problem behaviors, defuse fears, improve existing skills, and teach new skills for horses and donkeys, from birth through adulthood. We begin by building a strong and trusting bond with your horse or donkey.

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